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  • Are your bangles made with real copper?
    Yes, our bangles are made with real copper which is responsibly sourced in Africa.
  • How do I polish a copper bangle?
    Copper bangles enjoy being worn. Wearing and rubbing a copper bracelet against your skin is the most effective technique to naturally shine it. In our experience, this works best on a sunny day with a touch of perspiration.
  • Can copper bangles get wet?
    Yes, they can get wet. Copper is insoluble in water, so you can swim and shower with them on.
  • Do copper bangles tarnish?
    Yes, they tarnish over time, especially when not being worn. Under typical conditions, copper oxidises, darkens, and loses lustre. Copper bangles, on the other hand, regain their lustre after being exposed to body heat and natural oils.
  • How do I put a bangle on?
    Hold the bangle in both hands, open ends pointing towards you. Pull the ends apart evenly, leaving just enough space for the wrist to pass through. Fit the bangle around your wrist and press the sides down to a comfortable fit. PLEASE NOTE: When opening and closing your bangle, do so evenly and only as wide as is necessary to fit it around your wrist. Bending it excessively will weaken it over time, and opening it too wide may cause the bracelet to break. With proper care, your bracelet will last for many years.
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